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Tony & Penny, Highwood Crossing Foods, High River, Alberta, Canada

Tony & Penny Marshall – Co-Founders


Highwood Crossing refers to a shallow portion of the Highwood River that runs through the beautiful foothills and farmland of Southern Alberta near High River.

In the days before bridges or roads, early travelers would cross, and often rest for a while, at this quiet section of the river. Our name, Highwood Crossing, is a tribute to those early times and the travelers who stopped to rest and enjoy this tranquil haven on the banks of the Highwood River.

Today at Highwood Crossing Foods, we are committed to providing you with quality organic food that is uncomplicated, natural, and delicious. We value the sustainable production of real food and believe that there is a vital link between the land, what we eat, and our health.

Highwood Crossing Foods Logo, High River, Alberta, Canada
Organic Grains & Seeds, Highwood Crossing Foods, High River, Alberta, Canada


Our organic products are made in small batches, minimally processed, and simply packaged. No chemicals, preservatives or GMO ingredients are ever used.

We’re honoured to be able to produce organic food because:


✓ It’s great tasting, rich in nutrients and healthy for our families.


✓ It’s produced following rigorous government-regulated standards without the use of toxic chemicals.


✓ It’s good for the environment because it keeps the soil healthy, the water clean & reduces our carbon footprint.

Watercolour Farm, Highwood Crossing Foods, High River, Alberta, Canada

When you buy from Highwood Crossing Foods, you support local organic farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. You are also helping protect the environment by lowering our chemical and carbon footprint. Thank you for your commitment to good food.


Tony & Penny Marshall – Co-Founders

Organic Food Products, Highwood Crossing Foods, High River, Alberta, Canada
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